The IBBZ in Erbil/Irak

The American-German Medical Centre is one of the most important medical centers in Northern Iraq, especially for the regions of Ankawa and Erbil.
The Director is Basim Izac, who lived in exile in London for many years. In 2009 he returned to his homeland to give his economic and financial support. Among other things he opened an outpatients’ center, and together with the IBBZ is to set up a hospital where the standard of equipment and medical care are equivalent to those seen in Europe.
Encouraged by the stable safety situation and because it is where the regional parliament is located, a consulate general for Germany was opened on February 18, 2009 in Erbil, the capital city and headquarters of the autonomous region of Kurdistan. It is therefore the safest region in the whole of Iraq. Ankawa is a suburb of Erbil and one of the oldest Christian settlements in Iraq.

IBBZ doctors and nurses regularly work in Erbil und Ankawa in the areas of surgery, urology and gynecology, as well as subspecialties of the individual fields.
Until the new hospital is opened, any operations that are required are carried out at the local Zheen International Hospital.
Patients requiring special operations are currently still being treated in Germany. This intercultural exchange in the field of medicine is exciting and novel. One can only say that a glimpse into a world that is different from the one we know is always a positive thing which gives rise to innovation.

Basim Izac is also a very talented composer and musician.

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